- Future Library of Congress Researchers: @sgnp is me: Paul Gude. This account is for business and since I got laid off doesn't see action.
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- You may not know it, but this is hardly used.  Visit http://paulgude.wordpress.com/ or http://twitter.com/sgnp instead!
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- Sequence 31 - Good Jokes: http://bit.ly/jezqm
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- Nothing gets the sadness and desperation of this song across like a jawharp.  ♫ http://blip.fm/~g7bdy
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- @esmebianco will be the guest on a LiveCloud Chat Event, November 12th at 7pm UK time (11am Pacific): http://tiny.cc/1THjE
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- #gameofthrones stunt team rumored to contain Maurice Lee, Buster Reeves, and Paul Jennings: http://is.gd/4SKyQ
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RT @westerosorg: Buster Reeves is said to be "the stunt guy" (stunt coordinator?) for #GameOfThrones. http://bit.ly/4FTse9
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- An audio good morning: http://tmic.fm/ox46qv8vth5
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@Kulia I'm down for the night.  Slight cough.  Be careful with the Wednesday!
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- Any animators that want to work on "If Robin Was a 3-Year-Old Girl" can totally use it as long as Betty & I get audio credit.
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- If Robin was a 3-Year-Old Girl: Part 3 http://tmic.fm/ox3v96nghru
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- If Robin was a 3-Year-Old Girl: Part 2 http://tmic.fm/ox3v8zir2pa
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- If Robin was a 3-Year-Old Girl: Part 1 http://tmic.fm/ox3v8o90syj
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- @bggp quoting Luke while spinning in a box. http://tmic.fm/ox3v88xi1z4
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Remix this if you want. http://tmic.fm/ox3v3ayoo9q
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