- I like all of Beck's Records Club, but this is a stand-out for me. ♫
- Please allow me to recommend you check out the wonderful @johnmoe who is very funny and spells his name with an H.
- @jonmoe The First Lieutenant of Her Heart #1hitwonderfollowups
- @jonmoe Apparently the Ethiopians Have Been Aware of Christmas Since the 4th Century #1hitwonderfollowup
- @jonmoe She Agreed to an Out-Of-Court Settlement with Science #1hitwonderfollowup
- @jonmoe Dr. Vain #1hitwonderfollowup
- @jonmoe Whoomp WHOOMP! (There It Is AGAIN!!!) #1hitwonderfollowup
- How Was I Supposed to Know Stopping the World Wouldn't Melt People? #1hitwonderfollowup
- My view is actually nicer than it is here.
- Goodnight, Internet!
- In response to a request from @Axechucker - @bggp sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
- Carnyvores only eat circus people.
- Low-hanging branches are nature's way of telling you to stop looking at your phone.
- "Guess you've figured out I drink a lot of coffee!" No deduction of this was necessary after your first announcement.  Good on ya, though.
- I work the front desk, and several people believe I keep track of how often they use the restroom.  It only happens when they mention it.
RT @Fountainjohn: Here is nothing. Now make it famous
- This is Jell-o cake I made in the microwave from scratch, and it is damn tasty.
@Derek_Mears About halfway through "Blood Meridian" now.  You would be perfect as the character known as "The Judge@ in the upcoming film.
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