The Prisoner on AMC

I effin' LOVE The Prisoner.  Favorite TV show of all time, I'd wager.  I love it, love it, love it.

AMC's mini-series is premiering here in the States on November 15th.  I'm really thinking about getting cable just to watch it.

Still, while Sir Ian wowed me, I'm not so sure how I feel about a Six from the U.S.  That may not be exactly right, though.  I watched AMC's Teaser for the show and was a little thrown by the  "Not McGoohan" nature of Caviezel.  Part of the reason I loved The Prisoner so much was how much of an arrogant prick McGoohan's Six could be.  Even though he was in this place designed to break people, even though he lost his temper and his mind, he could still stand there with a smirk on his face, trading quips, back to his calm center.

Granted, I'm only going off of the preview, but right now Caviezel has none of the cool confidence I enjoyed so much.  He looks perpetually confused, perhaps rightly so, but never sure of himself or his ability to figure out what's going on around him.  It feels like the Village is happening to him and he's just reacting endlessly, rather than approaching it like a maddening riddle he's trying to solve. 

I understand that it's a new interpretation, but I view Six's overall spirit as part of the nature of the show, and something that should have been ported over.  At least we've got Rover.

Unlike some of the other folks whose opinions I've read, I really enjoy the new mind-trip aspect of the Village.  Why?  Because it sounds like something they would have tried on Six eventually in the original series.  No problem there in the slightest.
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