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So, today, CNN ran a story about how Hollywood is supporting Roman Polanski.   One of the things they did was show some quotes from Adrien Brody and Sigourney Weaver, after mentioning that many people in Hollywood signed a petition for Polanski's release.

Nowhere does it say that Brody or Weaver signed the petition, and all of their quotes were about working with him as a director.

Not only that, but Brody's quotes were very similar to answers he gave in 2002 about what it was like to work with Polanski:

From the CNN article:

"If you have the guidance from someone you admire, like Roman Polanski, who not only is a gifted director and actor, but who knows the subject matter and in my opinion the character that I portray, implicitly, then, it's a huge gift," Brody said.

From the interview:

"Well, Roman has a very clear vision in his work, and I have faith in him and trust him to guide me. He strives for subtlety, and so do I. You have to be malleable, but if you have a director who strives to guide you in a similar direction, then that's a real luxury. It was a fascinating process, because he's experienced a lot of similarities and a lot of suffering in his life. He survived Krakow through that time. Not only did I have a director that I admire and that I'm confident in, but he knows what my character went through. He also possesses a strength that I felt my character had to have had in order to survive all that. It was a phenomenal opportunity for me to have a director who I admire and the guidance of someone who shared parallels with the person I was actually portraying."
From CNN:

"I learned a great deal about film and the process," the Academy Award winning actor added. "I spent six weeks without another actor on the set, just Roman and I and a crew -- and that's, that's a dream come true for an actor. I cherished those memories."

From the interview:

"It was a long process. Six months, six days a week, every day, is a long shoot to say the least. There was a month and a half when there wasn't even another actor on the set. That was a fantastic opportunity, because you've got Roman and a crew at your disposal, and all this focus on your character's journey. That's fantastic."

These are glowing words, but not I suspect, a response to questions about how Brody feels about the arrest. 
Weaver's quote does one better:

"He is sweet and very strong and is very, very demanding, in the tradition of an auteur," said Sigourney Weaver about being directed by Polanski in 1994's "Death and the Maiden."

CNN correctly points out that she's talking about being directed by him.
However, putting these two quotes in an article entitled, "Hollywood embraces Roman Polanski" incorrectly implies that their views of him as an artist somehow imply that they also condone his actions.

I cannot speak for Weaver or Brody, but I would humbly submit that one can feel he deserves his Oscar and also feel he should not be released.


As of 7pm Pacific Time (September 30th) if you look at the Polanski petition mentioned in the CNN article, you won't find Brody or Weaver's names on it.  I don't like the use of their statements of "support" as a director being used in an article about folks defending his flight from the U.S.
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