- Future Library of Congress Researchers: @sgnp is me: Paul Gude. This account is for business and since I got laid off doesn't see action.
- You may not know it, but this is hardly used.  Visit or instead!
- Sequence 31 - Good Jokes:
- Nothing gets the sadness and desperation of this song across like a jawharp.  ♫
- @esmebianco will be the guest on a LiveCloud Chat Event, November 12th at 7pm UK time (11am Pacific):
- #gameofthrones stunt team rumored to contain Maurice Lee, Buster Reeves, and Paul Jennings:
RT @westerosorg: Buster Reeves is said to be "the stunt guy" (stunt coordinator?) for #GameOfThrones.
- An audio good morning:
@Kulia I'm down for the night.  Slight cough.  Be careful with the Wednesday!
- Any animators that want to work on "If Robin Was a 3-Year-Old Girl" can totally use it as long as Betty & I get audio credit.
- If Robin was a 3-Year-Old Girl: Part 3
- If Robin was a 3-Year-Old Girl: Part 2
- If Robin was a 3-Year-Old Girl: Part 1
- @bggp quoting Luke while spinning in a box.
Remix this if you want.
Listen to my audio tweet.
- @shitmydadsays Congrats on the show! I think it should be called "**** My Dad Says" in print with "shit" bleeped whenever it's announced. - - @wic_blog I enhanced the detail of the "Stark Crest" from one of your photos. #gameofthrones
- Sequence 31: The Rabbit Is Famous for Not Recognizing Animals:
- I think the video for "Close (To the Edit) still holds up. ♫
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